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Mental Health Days

Today is one of those days when you just wake up in the morning and you just don’t want to. Nothing in specific, you just don’t want to anything. You want the world to go away and leave you alone. No demands, no requirements, no requests. No have to’s.

Any suggestions just feel like being told. You feel uncomfortable in your skin. Your body doesn’t fit right. You feel constrained, pushed, pulled and manipulated. You want it all to go away and just leave you alone.

You are sick of the rules you must obey. You are intolerant of the needs of others. You just don’t want to have to care. It’s not that you don’t care, its that you don’t want to.

Today is a day that you just want to focus on you. What you want, what you need. You don’t want any of the constraints of politeness, or manners or expectations or rules.

The consensus is that you want to be selfish. You want to put yourself first. Ignore the needs of other. Put aside your responsibilities, your duties, your cares.

And you should. Your should phone in sick to work. Feel the weight of that duty leave your shoulders, even if for just one day.

You should eat what you want, when you want. The others are perfectly capable of feeding themselves a couple of meals. Today it does not have to be your responsibility.

You should walk away from all of the little things. All the things that will still be there tomorrow if they don’t get done today. All the things that someone else could do if you weren’t there to do them. All the things that only seem important to you.

Today, you should center yourself in your universe. Today everything should revolve around you. You are today’s priority.

Today you do everything you need to recharge. You take all of the self care you can give. You take all of the care on offer.

Your thoughts are of you. Your actions are for you.

You have a day. A day of care, of love, of healing.

Tomorrow is another day, we can go back to reality then.

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