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Getting My Intuition Back Again

One of the changes I have noted of late is that I seem to be getting my intuition back again. Instead of being frustrated about things not being the way I think I want them, I am getting more of a feeling for the way things are, even before they are quite that way.

I am starting to feel more grounded in the present, rather than reliving and lamenting the past and dreading and planning the future. The present is quite a peaceful place, I don’t feel like I am constantly fighting the current to be somewhere else.

My current mantra (It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine) has been getting quite a work out. It gives me an awful lot of peace though. Things end, things change, but not all endings or changes are bad. The ending of something leads to the beginning of something else. In order to progress, and get to a place I want to be, I need things to change. Things need to end, new things need to begin. I will be fine. I will be better than fine, my intuition tells me so.

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