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Diary: A Meeting (yesterday)

As part of this journey of discovery I have met with a person with knowledge of and a diagnosis of high functioning autism.

Last Monday my husband tried to find the local support group. They had moved. He tried their phone number. They were not the sort of organisation we were looking for. He went to the local tip shop (it is run by Aware Industries who have autistic clients). They couldn’t help us per se but the lovely lady there knew a lady who might. We got her contact details and my husband rang her. She sounded very promising. I should call her. I couldn’t. I wanted to. I very much wanted to. But I couldn’t. I told my husband, I cried. He called her again and organised to met yesterday morning. He was coming too.

It was amazing. The conversation danced. We talked about four things at once and understood all. There were asides, and detours, and backtracking. There were a couple of squirrels. It felt so good and so right. We talked for three and a half hours and none of it was bad. It was so good.

Yesterday afternoon I was tired. Too tired to do much. It was a good tired. Like you had had a busy day doing very productive things.

Today I woke up and wanted to do it again. Unfortunately I have to spend today in the real world with the normal people.

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