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Diary: working things out

So, last Wednesday was amazing. Last Thursday was pretty good. Got up, did some errands in the morning, went to volunteering in the afternoon, went shopping after that and then out for dinner with friends. Pretty full day by most standards.

Friday I couldn’t get out of bed. When I did I had one of my sick headaches. Best treated with minimal input and bed rest. It was a bad one. After I finally threw up around two in the afternoon, I knew I was on the mend. Saturday was a quiet day. Grazing to catch up on missed meals and making sure I kept my fluids up. Sunday was an improvement, starting to function again. Today is going well.

There is a good chance my husband is on the spectrum too. We are working out how to not be masking when we are at home. We have gottten into bad habits of trying to be normal. It doesn’t work for us, never has, at least now we have some idea of why. The rules are changing and we are working out where we stand.

The prognosis: so far so good. Both learning to let go of a whole heap of stuff that doesn’t matter. Starting to get my mental energy back.

I wouldn’t have said so last Friday morning, but the future is looking brighter.

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