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Disclaimers and Explanations

I over explain things. I over explain everything. I want to be sure that it is understood EXACTLY what I am trying to say. I am very pedantic with my words. Each and every word has its own distinct meaning. The subtle differences are important. But that doesn’t stop me using words like thingamy and whatsit when my brain will not supply me with the correct word. I am also known to say ‘the word that means….’ when I can’t think of the word I want but the ones I can think of aren’t right. But people still don’t understand what I mean, and it frustrates me.

Everyone in my family over explains things. When we have been in the car with my family members there have been times when my husband has just wanted to jump from the moving vehicle to get away from us. Sometimes it seems like a competition to see who can be more right. There have been instances of arguments when both parties have been saying the same thing, just differently, and telling each other that they are wrong.

My readings have shown me that many on the Autism Spectrum feel as though they are from outer space. I feel more as though I missed orientation day. That first day when everyone introduces themselves, you get shown round, told the rules and everything you need to know. I never felt I got that. I don’t understand the rules. The way I think things should work, the way that makes sense, is not the way things are. Everyone else seems to get it, I need it explained to me.

Contrary to needing life explained to me, and me being an over explainer, I HATE it when people over explain to me and can’t fathom that I get what they are trying to teach me first go. Yep, I know what you want me to do, you just told me, now please go away and let me do it. I love simple instructions. Step A, step B etc until it is done, that’s all I need. If the instructions are correct, I’m good to go. I love a well written procedure. I love to write a procedure. The steps are how I cope. They are my life. My problem, my death spirals, is when the first step can not be done as stated. I can not skip a step. I want the end result but can not start, I can not reconcile the two. Death spiral, melt down, no more will be done that day.

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