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A Little Bit of Burn Out

For the last two weeks I have been able to do stuff all. My brain had no enthusiasm and my body decided to play sick. I had (at various times) a dull head, sneezes, snuffles, a sore throat, a pathetic cough and various aches and pains. nothing definitive but every time I thought I might be getting over it and be able to start doing stuff again, it came back and knocked me off my feet again.

Apparently because I don’t listen to the subtle signs my body gives me that it needs to rest, it now resorts to playing sick so that I do rest. It has probably been doing this for a while, its just that now I am learning what is going on and not trying to ‘push through’. I just need to pay more attention to the earlier stages, and act on it.

I am just starting to get myself going again. I went to work last night (two weeks without pay certainly hits hard). I was totally exhausted by the end of my shift but felt good for doing it. Trying to keep my plans to a minimum and take on things as think I am able. Luckily it is a long weekend coming up so I get an extra day of recuperation time and one day less of work next week.

So, still kicking, just in high self care mode.

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