On The Upswing

Life is busy. There is the puppy to train, work to go to, volunteering to do. There is also the self care and the ‘days off’ to recharge.

I saw my psychologist yesterday. She says I am doing well. She pointed out that I am starting to plan for a future again. I am feeling happy again. I now need to work on mindfulness. When I notice that I am feeling happy I need to pay attention to how it feels, how my how body feels and how this is different to when I am stressed, or tired or otherwise.

I spent this morning doing a job application. I am a bit tired. I have work this evening.

But I wanted to write something because it has been a while and I want to keep this updated, otherwise I will just show up one day as a totally different person and there will be no record of the transition.

So, I am tired, I am transitioning into a better version of me, and I am hungry. Self care me says I should now prioritise lunch, followed by a nap, then the better me has a better chance.

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