Drunk Days

I’m not a drinker, I could count one one hand the number of times I have been truly drunk. I am a cheap drunk, probably because I drink so infrequently.

I don’t need to drink to feel like I am drunk, not quite staggering but definitely walking into things, speech slightly slurred, can’t think of simple words and so easily distracted. Sometimes I wonder if it is little strokes but it clears up with no lasting effects so I came to the conclusion it is just the way I am.

Today is one of those days. It is quite hard to type, I forget how words are supposed to be spelt, my mind wanders off onto other things. Sometimes spell check is good but sometimes it confuses me. It wants to change spelt to slept, and I had to reread the sentence several times to work out what made sense, then had doubts if spelt was really a word.

I can’t remember what things are called, I am pointing and playing charades and making noises. The paper shredder (had to ask again what it was called) was me pointing and going ‘brrrzt’ (the noise it makes).

My fingers are merrily hitting keys as my brain tells them the individual keys that I want, its not always the keys that are needed, not sure if my brain or my fingers are at fault.

Today is a day that I would not choose to drive if there is any choice at all on the matter. I totally lack focus. I am forcing myself to finish this as my brain keeps asking what is going on elsewhere and want to go check it out. But if I do, it can’t remember it has done it and wants to do it again.

And now I can’t remember if I had a point I wanted to make, or if I have made it. And the washing machine has gone beep and all my brain can think is that the washing needs hanging to dry.

A quiet day I think, probably get lost in a book or two.

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