Escaping the Doldrums

It’s interesting when you pick a name for a post based on what you think it means and then when you google it to check the spelling you discover it is so much more. I picked the doldrums because I knew it was an area around the equator where sailors would often become becalmed due to lack of winds, and could be stuck there for days or even weeks. It has something to do with the way the winds move in the northern and southern hemispheres. The area of the doldrums moves, or maybe sea currents move the boats and they eventually pick up wind again and can be on their way.

Google search also tells me ‘They’re the most treacherous seas on the planet. At those that lie beneath the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), known by sailors as the ‘doldrums‘ or ‘unwise tantrums’ for their dangerous tendency to lurch between extremes, almost absolute calm can unexpectedly degrade into raging thunderstorms and hurricanes.’ but doesn’t actually give me the details so that I can reference that properly. The term ‘unwise tantrums’ caught my attention, as did the lurching between extreme of absolute calm to raging thunderstorms.

Now I feel that not only have I been in the doldrums (the calm with no ability to move) but that my life can be the doldrums when I lurch from that calm that immobolises you to the rage that is so destructive.

But I digress.

This post was supposed to be about the fact that I have been stuck without purpose and I have now gained something that gives me direction and the ability to move forward again. But now I am looking over my shoulder for that raging thunderstorm.

I met with my autism mentor on Friday (at the prompting of my husband – he organised it and told me we were going) and she mentioned that she had been meaning to start a facebook support group for autistic adults for a while. It is also something I have been wanting to do, but with few autistic friends and none locally it didn’t seem like it would go anywhere much or achieve anything. She was lacking the impetus to start the group and I was lacking the connections. She has connections, I have impetus. The group is started. We have 25 members. We have success. Next step is to get the group working, providing support and social connections for each other. Tips and advice and anything else the members of the group need it to be.

I am not naming or promoting the group here (at this time anyway) as this blog isn’t about publicity, It is just me documenting my thoughts, feeling and events and if people want to read it and it helps them then that is good. Our group also aims being a bit local for personal social support. Saying that, we already have members from all over Australia, but hopefully the group will enable them to connect with people in their area, and in the meantime online is good.

So, I have a special interest at his time. There is part of me that just wants to run with it and organise everything and just do things. But I know I have to take it slow, let the group decide what it wants to be and let other people have a turn too. I must temper the child who wants to run around manically because it is so excited or I will experience the other side of the doldrums when something doesn’t quite go right.

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