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A Little Bit Manic

So, tomorrow is D day. I get my official diagnosis. Just to add a little fun to the mix, my job provider also decided tomorrow is the perfect day for my JobSeeker appointment. Luckily (I think) my Jobseeker appointment is in the morning and the diagnosis one in the afternoon. I wont be able to wave a piece of paper at my job provider and say ‘See, I really am autistic’ but I will be able to process my diagnosis at my own pace and wont have to pretend to be able to function while I do this.

So, to cope with this double stress day tomorrow, my brain has decided that today is the perfect day to do EVERYTHING. I have warned my husband and he has wisely decided to vacate the house for several hours. I figure I am best off just riding it out and crashing later today. Hopefully I will be physically exhausted and sleep well tonight.

So why am I writing today? Well, my brain has decided that this is some of the everything that needs to be done, and the grass is still too damp to do the edges and mow. I have already done the washing and the vacuuming and am trying to pace myself just a little bit to get as much bang for my manic buck as I can.

My brain is absolutely fizzing today. I needed to double check the spelling of manic. I didn’t think it had two n’s but needed to be sure. Google search threw up suggestions based on my typing and right under manic was manicure. My brain immediately started to wonder if indeed, would getting my nails done calm my mood today. Given I had to bounce while hugging my husband goodbye this morning, I sincerely doubt it.

I think I have said all I need to say today. My brain says I have and I must move on to the next task IMMEDIATELY.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. Actually, I may need it to survive today.

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