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All my life I have felt that there is something that I just don’t get. I have always described it as feeling that I missed out on orientation day, which is why I always make sure I attend orientation days so that I do have that little bit of extra information they give. When I first started reading about high functioning autism I found a lot of people describe it as feeling they come from outer space. The first thought that jumped into my head when reading this? ‘I wonder if Ron L Hubbard was autistic’. A quick google didn’t give me any answers but I am still amused by the thought that many of the worlds powerful, famous and beautiful people may be following the beliefs of an autistic mind.

But this isn’t about Scientology, this is about me.

I have issues with most churches, those that don’t practice what they preach. The millionaire ministers asking for more. The pedophile priests preaching the sanctity of purity until united in holy wedlock. The Catholics buying forgiveness for sins they have every intention of repeating. I am not saying this applies to all churches but I have yet to find a religion without rot somewhere in the hierarchy.

My beliefs are somewhat more basic.

I believe in the universe, both in a scientific way and in that there are forces out there that we don’t understand that can influence our lives in ways we don’t know.

I believe in Karma. Sometimes I wish she would work a little faster but have to be satisfied that she will get there in the end and it isn’t my place to judge how hard someone else’s life is.

I believe in Mother Nature. Man as a race often thinks he can conquer and control her but every so often she sends a reminder that she is the one in charge.

I believe in the basic concepts of many religions. Treat others fairly, do good in thought and deed, do no harm, help others when you can (good old Karma comes in here too), treat the planet with respect (don’t shit where you eat is a pretty basic concept).

So, I may not believe in a god as such, but I will not say she/he/they does not exist. I believe there is something out there that influences us, both directly and indirectly. I don’t know if I believe in a heaven but I know it would be an awful pity if this was all there was and there were no second chances, no chance to look back with clarity to make sure you did okay, no chance to try again and learn some more.

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