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More on Ant Theory

A few months ago I mentioned Ants. How a train of thought can be like an ant trail, and if that train of thought gets interrupted it can cause the ants to run around and panic until they are back on track.

Since my husband and I started using Ant Theory we use ants a lot to describe how our thought processes are. If either of us has plans for what we want to do that day we may ask the other how their ants are, to see if what we want to do conflicts with what they want to do and then we can reorganise our ants before we start.

We have also discovered we have different ants on different days. Some days they may be marching – single minded and heading in one direction. Some days they may be seething – running all over the place, biting anything they can get their teeth into. The good days they are strolling, or free range – no specific purpose, just moving gently. There are many moods to ants.

While the ants represent my thought processes, my thought processes are not me, and I am not my thought processes. I can wake up in a good mood but still have marching ants. If I let my ants march to where they need to be I can still have a good day. If my marching ants are blocked they can very easily turn into seething ants and then it is not a good day. Even the gentle strolling or free range ants can end up seething if the ant hill gets kicked enough. The trick is to work out what your ants need to do to be happy, and where possible let them do that.

I am not sure if I am an ant farmer or a CEO of an ant organisation. Whichever one I am I don’t get to pick how my ants are, I only get to pick how I deal with them. It is easiest if I can let them do what they need to do, and if they are seething, I need to take them away from potential negative inputs (mostly other people) until they can calm down and become productive little beasties again.

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