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Why Haven’t I Written?

When I started this blog it was with the best of intentions. I planned to pace myself, not overdo it and not give up on it but keep it going as a record of my journey. I was going to write one post a day. Either a diary entry or my thoughts on something.

Every morning I have woken up with the blog in mind, working out what to write that day. Most days I have had more that one idea, often two or three. And therein lies the problem. I could not chose. And because the rules I had set myself were to write one post per day, and ONLY one post per day, I could not write.

And now, because it is so long since I have written, the rules have definitely been broken. Therefore the rules do not work for writing this blog post. Therefore I can change the rules. I will write when I have post subject in mind. I may write one post a day. I may write ten posts per day. I may write nothing.

The next hard bit will be deciding what order they get written if there are more than one a day. Wish me luck.

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