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Diary – A Day Off

I need a day off from me, from overthinking, analysing, and watching everything I do. I need to get out of my head, away from the scripts and conversations that just keep running. I need to be distracted by the real world.

I realised this. No melt down. No drama. At home by myself, my husband is out doing the grocery shopping (me and supermarkets is a whole story of its own – not today, today I am having a day off).

I messaged my husband while he is at the shop: ‘I need a day off. Are you up to going out and doing something? I need to get out of my head’

His reply: ‘Okay’

It sounds so simple. I feel so proud of myself for asking for help. I love him so much for being so supportive and always being there for me, even when he doesn’t understand me. I can’t expect him to understand me. I don’t understand me.

He is home. I should help with the groceries, it is the right thing to do. Then we will get me out of my head.

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